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Stamford Girls Softball

Board Meeting Information:

Board Meetings are held the first Monday of every month, beginning at 7:00pm and shall be open to the public, unless a Special Meeting is called as a "closed" meeting.  Monthly meetings will be held at Troy Field's Board Room/Office/Press Box.  If guests will be attending the meeting, they must present their topics of discussion to the President one week prior to the meeting to be placed on the agenda.

House Team Information:

* Training equipment and tapes - SBRS has purchased training equipment (whiffle balls - small and large, batting T’s, hit-aways and instructional tapes) for league use. If you borrow any of the items, please make sure you return them in a timely manner so others can use them.
* Batting cage – the batting cage is available to all SGS Teams.  Each Manager or Coach must take out and replace the machine and only he/she is allowed to use it.  Each Coach or Manager is fully responsible for taking out the equipment and returning it to the proper tank. We have had instances where this was not done properly. Please be courteous to the other managers and the league, and handle appropriately. 

* Official Softball Bats - If players are purchasing bats, the bat should say "Official Softball Bat" on the barrel. Umpires will closely enforce this rule.

* Pitching Mask required - Each team will be supplied with pitching masks. Alternatively, pitchers may purchase their own from the league for approximately $40 if desired. No pitcher will be allowed to pitch without one.  

* SGS has a NO DUAL PARTICIPATION RULE in effect since 2004.  This means that SGS players may not be associated with any other league teams during the SGS season, except school teams. 
*The NO DUAL PARTICIPATION RULE has been removed where the players can not play in the league.  BUT it does now read that the only situation not allowed is, Any player on a 14U travel team can not pitch in the house league.  We want the younger players to be encouraged not discouraged.